Feliz Aniversário Eric Bass

Além de comemorar a pré-indicação do Shinedown ao prêmio da People's Choice Awards, a banda e fãs estão comemorando também o aniversário do baixista Eric Bass, que desde 2007 tem conquistado um espaço no coração de cada fã. Confira abaixo o vídeo que criamos junto aos fãs para homenagear o baixista da banda neste dia.

We made you real, you're not a disaster, just glorious. Splendored guy, who came at the certain time.
You never sleep, so we're ready to listen to your sound of madness beause you're our sweet adrenaline.
We'll bring only we need to survive because it's time to chase your steps, until you're playing, rocking our soul.
If you only knew, how we wanna meet you and how you inspires us all the time, this desire fly from the inside of our mind.
Isn't it funny? Be loved by people you never met? It's all good, you just need to feel, there's no need to understand.
So now, we'll spread the love we feel, love for what you do and who you are. Congratulation to the Brave Bass.
Who's great, for ten or ten thousand, who's great, because you're the same. We all know the life's unfair, but we try to make a difference.
We try to be the difference and you're an example for us to do it.
Happy birthday is something so simple today, because THE STORY IS JUST BEGINNING.