Feliz Aniversário Zach Myers

Hoje, o guitarrista Zach Myers está completando 29 anos e fazendo parte da banda há 7 anos ele já tocou baixo, guitarra rítmica, voltou novamente para o baixo e agora conquistou o seu lugar como o guitarrista da banda, o qual já é adorado por todos os fãs. Como costume, nós do Shinedown Brazil nos unimos aos fãs brasileiros para homenageá-lo.

November 7th, it's a super day. A day to always remember, when the boy who's now a superhero finally opens himself to one more year, one more experience, one more inspiration, one more dream.
Maybe our words sound simple, maybe they won't explain everything we feel about you now, at this important moment of your life.
Things changed faster than we expected and if you felt like you crossed the line for being nothing more than who you were.
Just take a look around to see that nowadays people become your fan every day, everytime for the same reason.
And probably, more of them will, because you're getting wiser, working hard and better.
And it doesn't matter how many fingers they'll point at you, because we will be there. ALWAYS
Even if we have been someone you never met, you're just a superhero... and heroes inspire people to be good, to do the best they can.
So don't be so resistent, let's create wings and fly. We'll be the crow chansing the butterfly. It's never too late, just stop being afraid.
We'll show you this is where you belong and you'll see tomorrows worth the fight.
Never pretend you're burning bright. Just be burning, because there's always something knew. And we'll try to shed some light on you and hold you up in disbelief.
And one of the most important... when you feel like you're breaking inside, remember of our love, remember that THE STORY IS JUST BEGINNING.